Business Listings

At the present time, Business Listings are available only on

There are currently over 50 different categories of ‘places’ in which to list your business. From restaurants to attractions, live music venues to museums. 

Listings are also categorized by the fifteen Tourism Regions in Ontario and plotted on an interactive map of Ontario.

We make it easier for you to be found!

Sample Business Listing (click to view live)

Business Listings contain a cover image, full description, an image gallery if desired, a map of your location (with a ‘Get Directions’ link), the current weather radar and forecast for your location, the Region and Category and any applicable ‘tags,’ an embedded video if desired, your hours of operation (with your current open or closed status), your Social Media links and Twitter feed* (if applicable) plus all of your contact information.

*At the present time, Twitter has disabled the ability to embed a user’s Twitter feed. We are closely monitoring the situation and should this once again become possible it will be returned to our Business Listings.

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